Membership Benefit

By joining EWRI you will:
•    Be connected toEWRI members and her affiliations around the globe
•    Collaborate with specialists that are leaders in their fields
•    Exchange knowledge at EWRI events and her affiliations event around the globe
•    Access the world’s leading publications on environment and development through the EWRI research library
•    Advance your career by gaining professional recognition
•    Automatic entry into maximum of two EWRI networks of your choice
•    Access to join international organizations which EWRI is affiliated to
•    Save money with discounts on EWRI events registration, her globalaffiliations and on EWRI Publishing products.
•    Perhaps most importantly, you receive the certain knowledge that you are supporting work that benefits your country and regions ability to survive and prosper

As a member (informational/participatory/organizational/students) of EWRI, you will receive:

•    EarthWatch Magazine: the nation’s foremost HSE and Sustainable Development Magazine
•    Year Book: A copy of EWRI members listing and resource guide to environment and development products and services
•    Publications: Generous member discounts on EWRI journals, books and online information services
•    Discounted rates when you register at any EWRI programme
•    Thematic groups: The chance to connect, network and interact with your peers, experts, and other specialists around the globe through the thematic groups (not for informational members)
•    Opportunity to join all EWRI national, regional and international organizational affiliations
•    Opportunity to attend and present papers in aminimum of six regional and international conferences per year
•    Opportunity to submit projects and reports to our database
•    Opportunity toaccess research facilities/services
•    Opportunity topublish your works under the EWRI label.
•    Opportunity to participate in EWRI skill and competency-based trainings and Postgraduate programmes at discounted rates