Membership Dues


Membership Categories                                       Annual Dues in Naira and United State Dollars.

Associates/Informational Members                                                44USD/N7,000

Professional/Participatory Members                                               55USD/N9,000

Organizational Members                                                              155USD/25,000

Seniors/Fellows By Nomination/Recognition Students Members         10USD/2,000


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More info about us

The EarthWatch Research Institute is an idea that was born out of the publication of EarthWatch Magazine

The first professional magazine in Nigeria solely devoted to issues of environment and sustainable development (the nation’s foremost HSE & Sustainable Development Magazine) and the EarthWatch Conference on Water & Sanitation.

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Governance and Structure

image1EarthWatch Research Institute (EWRI) is an open and democratic organization dealing with water, sanitation and sustainability operating in a broad social context...

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