The Thematic Groups are the functional units of the membership aspect of the Institute.  They represent the core vehicle for issue-based interaction on scientific, technical and management topics. Thematic Groups actively contribute to the research work of the Institute. They also play active roles in the publications of various reports, standards and reviews of technical documents in the Institute. Thematic Groups are an exceptional effective means of national, regional and international networking, sharing information and skills and making good professional and business contacts. Thematic Groups are open to all EWRI members and each one maintains its own programme of conferences, newsletters, publications and online discussions. The following Thematic Groups is established, others may be established as the need arises:

                                                  I.                  Environment  and Sustainable Development

                                                  II.                  Water Supply

                                                 III.                  Water Resources Management

                                                 IV.                  Environmental Sanitation

                                                 V.                   Health and Safety

                                                 VI.                  Governance/Legislation/Policy

                                                VII.                  Capacity-Building

                                                VIII.                 Climatic Change and Adaptation

                                                 IX.                  Solid Waste Management

                                                 X.                  Wastewater Management

                                                XI.                  Food Security and Safety

                                               XII.                  Ecotourism/Conservation

                                               XIII.                 Standard Development

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The EarthWatch Research Institute is an idea that was born out of the publication of EarthWatch Magazine

The first professional magazine in Nigeria solely devoted to issues of environment and sustainable development (the nation’s foremost HSE & Sustainable Development Magazine) and the EarthWatch Conference on Water & Sanitation.

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Governance and Structure

image1EarthWatch Research Institute (EWRI) is an open and democratic organization dealing with water, sanitation and sustainability operating in a broad social context...

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