The work and activities of our members, whether through established mechanisms like the thematic groups, conferences or in print, is complemented by series of strategic programmes. These typically include series and ways of working not covered elsewhere in EWRI, and are designed to engage the Institute on subjects critical to water, sanitation and sustainability:

EarthWatch Magazine: A Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development based magazine designed to inform, interpret, advocate as well as provide services to readers that will enable them to advance professionally in our core field of focus. EarthWatch Magazine is unique in that it focuses exclusively on development and environment issues. We seek to improve the relationship between man and his environment; to improve the quality of the earth by informing and educating people about the earth and its environment, to advocate for sustainable development; enhance self-reliance and concern for the earth’s resources and to help people avoid, prepare for, and cope with the earth’s abuse and sudden reaction. More importantly, we seek to develop and proffer solutions to problems of sustainable development confronting humanity by supplying necessary information, education and training.

EarthWatch Roundtable -The Areopagus: A quarterly forum where experts in the field of environment and development concerns are invited to a Roundtable Discussion to proffer solutions on numerous developmental challenges. Recommendations are normally sent to appropriate government organs and agencies, private sectors and non–governmental organizations.

EarthWatch Awards:An international award presented annually to individuals, institutions, organizations or companies and recognizes outstanding actions that improve the relationship between man and his environment, support sustainable development, water resource management and protects usability of the earth and her resources for all life. The Awards aim to draw national and international attention to the laureates' contributions to sustainable development, humanity, better living, dignity and character, thus generating more recognition and support for their individuality and projects.

Nigerian Water and Sanitation Forum (NWSF):The NWSF, which is administered by EarthWatch Research Institute (EWRI), was born out of the EarthWatch Conference on Water and Sanitation (EWCOWS).

Nigerian Water and Sanitation Forum (NWSF) is a learning alliance of stakeholders in the Water and Environmental Sanitation sector, including NGOs, private sector, consultants, water utilities and boards, government ministries.

NWSF objective is to improve knowledge sharing and co-ordination within the water and sanitation sector - focused on achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The network aims to enhance horizontal and vertical exchange of information and experiences through continuous feedback from people who use it. NWSF is also the Water and Sanitation Community of the Knowledge Management Partnership Initiative. The solution exchange platform (e-discussions) enables NWSF members to participate by raising and addressing issues which are shaping the water and sanitation sector in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Water and Sanitation Forum (NWSF) was established in 2003 as a membership organization in response to increasing concern about water and sanitation issues. Its mission is to promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water and sanitation issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, to facilitate the efficient management and use of water and sanitation in all its dimensions and on an environmentally sustainable basis--- Join Now.

Professional and Competency-Based Trainings: An industry-focus and solution-oriented professional and competency-based training courses, which help the industry to develop a capable, skilled and competent workforce that will deliver on quality standards and time. All training courses are custom-designed for Sectoral and sub-sectoral aspects of each industry group. Resource persons are drawn from all over the world based on areas of expertise and experience.

Mentoring, Counseling and Career Development Programme: The EWRI shall operate a Career Centre which shall cater for the adolescents in secondary school and undergraduate courses. It’s aim shall be to guide and counsel young people seeking careers in our core focus areas and other seeking to change careers.

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The EarthWatch Research Institute is an idea that was born out of the publication of EarthWatch Magazine

The first professional magazine in Nigeria solely devoted to issues of environment and sustainable development (the nation’s foremost HSE & Sustainable Development Magazine) and the EarthWatch Conference on Water & Sanitation.

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image1EarthWatch Research Institute (EWRI) is an open and democratic organization dealing with water, sanitation and sustainability operating in a broad social context...

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