1. Any Nigerian man or woman, and organization, living in any part of the world who has done, is doing and has the vision to do more, exceptional and extraordinary services that benefit others and improve sustainable development.
  2. Nominees should be people currently active in promoting the goals of sustainable development environmental protection and preservation, and other activities like humanitarian and/or people development.
  3. Nominees may or may not have been acknowledged by other awards.
  4. Nominees may not nominate themselves.
  5. The nominating organization/individual must have direct experience of the nominee's work or character. The Nominator may be a family member of the nominee or an organization can nominate a Senior Officer.
  6. No staff of Cookey Environmental & Public Health Services (CEPHS) or EarthWatch is eligible to be a nominator or to be nominated for these awards.
  7. No more than 2 Nominees may be presented by the same person/organization in a given year.

More info about us

The EarthWatch Research Institute is an idea that was born out of the publication of EarthWatch Magazine

The first professional magazine in Nigeria solely devoted to issues of environment and sustainable development (the nation’s foremost HSE & Sustainable Development Magazine) and the EarthWatch Conference on Water & Sanitation.

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Governance and Structure

image1EarthWatch Research Institute (EWRI) is an open and democratic organization dealing with water, sanitation and sustainability operating in a broad social context...

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