Our Focus

Water Supply: especially as regards to the need to adapt water resource management and delivery of water and sanitation services, improve water sector governance, increase the efficiency and sustainability of water use and of service providers, and develop reliable financial resources.

Environmental Sanitation:which includes issues like ecological sanitation, emergency and disaster sanitation, financing and cost recovery, hygiene behaviour change, institutional development, low cost sewerage, monitoring and evaluation, decentralized and centralized sanitation systems, urban sanitation, solid waste management, stormwater management, wastewater reuse and treatment technology.

Sustainability: Policy & Institutional Framework Development: Capacity Building & Training: Corporate Social Responsibility and People Development: Impact Assessment and Audit: Advocacy and Media: Climate change and sustainability services:: :         Research & Knowledge Sharing: Stakeholders’ Forum: Monitoring and Evaluation: Business Incubator & Documentation Centre: Consultancy: Youth Development:

The aim is to apply interdisciplinary and multi-institutional approach in its programmes and activities, bringing together ordinary people, researchers and professionals with complementary and compatible skills and disciplines to work on major issues that affect Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa region and other developing countries of the world. EWRI is in a better position than any other organization to help these groups of professionals create innovative, pragmatic and sustainable solutions to challenging global environment and development needs.

EWRI seeks to engage in researches, discussion, debates, public lectures, publications and others that encourage the adoption of technologies and practices that are economically competitive, environmentally sound and socially responsible.To this end, EWRI shall partner and affiliate with other academic institutions, locally and internationally to fulfill this mandates. EWRI shall also serve as adviser to the industry in our core focus area, tapping into the strength of our highly skilled members.

More info about us

The EarthWatch Research Institute is an idea that was born out of the publication of EarthWatch Magazine

The first professional magazine in Nigeria solely devoted to issues of environment and sustainable development (the nation’s foremost HSE & Sustainable Development Magazine) and the EarthWatch Conference on Water & Sanitation.

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Governance and Structure

image1EarthWatch Research Institute (EWRI) is an open and democratic organization dealing with water, sanitation and sustainability operating in a broad social context...

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